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"Sojourner Truth, A Legacy", written by and starring Sandra Jones, is sure to serve as a reminder to all of the power of faith, purpose and integrity as we continue this journey toward equality, freedom and justice to all mankind.


Ms. Jones steps into the role of Sojourner Truth and bridges the dimensions of time to bring to life one of the most astonishing women of history. She presents a mesmerizing performance that transports and transforms the entire audience. As Mother Truth she shows us that we have more power in our hands than we sometimes remember.


Mother Truth reminds us of the power that's greater than any man that "pervades the universe!" She reminds us; "There is no place where God is not!" Her story is a true inspiration. 


For more information on how to book "Sojourner Truth, A Legacy", her contact information can be found on the CONTACT page.

"Sojourner Truth, A Legacy"

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